Plant Root Remedy Balancing Facial Oil



Plant Root Remedy Balancing Facial Oil

A healing facial oil that melts into the skin, nourishing it with nutrient-rich plant oils and antioxidant-rich root herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Works harmoniously with our skincare tools to bring balance to the skin and leave the complexion feeling renewed and radiant.


Filled with protective lipids and plant oils to

  • Care for the skin barrier
  • Fight against environmental stressors
  • Improve hydration and plumpness
  • Support cellular regeneration


Use a few drops, warm with your palms, and massage into damp skin. You may use this facial oil as a booster to add to your moisturizer, or on its own as the last step of your routine. Pair with any of the Mount Lai facial tools for a luxurious face massage and glowing skin.


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